A man was killed and several people were injured by a huge swarm of bees after a 100-pound hive was disturbed, authorities say

A man was killed and several people were injured by an angry swarm of bees in Marana, Arizona, on Thursday, according to authorities.

The massive swarm attacked after their 100-pound hive, situated in a nearby tree, was disturbed, the Northwest Fire District in Tucson said on Twitter.

The adult male who died and who lived next door to the beehive has not yet been identified.

At least six people were stung by the bees, including three who were stung “hundreds of times.”

Three firefighters who responded to the call were also stung “multiple times,” according to the fire department.

One firefighter, who was stung about 60 times, was treated in a nearby hospital and later released, officials said.

The hive was removed and the majority of the bees were destroyed, police said.

An average of 62 people died each year from bee, wasp, and hornet stings between 2000 and 2017, according to the CDC.

Last February, five people, including two firefighters and a police officer, were attacked by nearly 40,000 bees.


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