Geronimo the alpaca killed as legal row ends

An alpaca at the centre of a legal row with the government has been killed.

Geronimo twice tested positive for bovine tuberculosis, and the Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) ordered him to be euthanised.

Owner Helen Macdonald disputed the results and mounted several High Court challenges to save him.

“I am absolutely disgusted by this government. These are barbaric actions. It’s a disgrace,” said Ms Macdonald, who added that she received no warning.

Defra staff dressed in blue overalls, goggles and masks, accompanied by police, arrived at her farm in Wickwar, near Bristol, at about 11:00 BST and led Geronimo away to be destroyed, with the scene broadcast on an online live feed of the enclosure.

A spokesman confirmed the destruction warrant had been carried out after Geronimo was taken away from his pen and loaded into a trailer, which then left the scene under a police escort, with a number of protesters watching on.



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