Saturday , 25 September 2021

Missouri attorney general files suit against St. Louis over mask mandate; Pfizer and Moderna expand trials for children: COVID-19 updates

Missouri’s attorney general has filed suit seeking to halt a mask mandate that took effect Monday in the St. Louis area amid a rise in COVD-19 cases that are burdening a growing number of hospitals around the state.

The lawsuit by Attorney General Eric Schmitt argues the mandates are “arbitrary and capricious because they require vaccinated individuals to wear masks, despite the CDC guidance that this is not necessary.” It also questions mandating children to wear masks in school, noting they are less likely to become seriously ill.

But COVID-19 cases with vaccinated individuals are on the rise — though hospitalizations of vaccinated Americans are rare.

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Nevertheless, the rise in infections is prompting communities at the least to require masking — and at the most, institute vaccine mandates. Savannah, Georgia, reimposed Monday a requirement that people wear masks in public, as has Los Angeles County and many municipalities coast-to-coast.

New York City and the state of California announced plans Monday to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for many of their employees.

And children make up a growing share of new coronavirus cases each week, yet they will have to wait even longer to get vaccinated.

Those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can be infected, but serious illness is rare.

Meanwhile, the United States is again reporting more than 50,000 new cases daily on a rolling 7-day average as the delta variant sweeps around the country. The United States last hit that mark April 30, when cases were falling as vaccines took hold of the pandemic.

Even with most Americans at least partially vaccinated, the country is already reporting cases at more than three-quarters of the pace of the worst week in summer 2020, when about 67,000 cases per day were reported.

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