Trent Dilfer crossed the line in high school football; now how does he learn from it?

Trent Dilfer crossed a line in high school sports.

A coach cannot place his hands on an athlete out of frustration.

By now, you’ve likely seen the viral video from over the weekend showing Dilfer placing his hands on Lipscomb Academy (Nashville) senior Beau Dawson’s shoulders and aggressively walking him back toward a bench during the team’s home game Friday. He gave him a slight shove, ordering Dawson to sit down.

Dilfer has since apologized for his actions to his team and on social media.

“I’m disappointed in myself,” Dilfer said on “The Pat McAfee Show.” “There are so many opportunities as a leader, as a football coach … where you can take an opportunity and make it better. Unfortunately there are opportunities where you can take situations and you make them worse.”

“In this instance, I had a really great opportunity to make a situation better and I whiffed. I allowed a couple personal fouls that happened beforehand by different players and thought we we were losing discipline as a team.

“Beau is an emotional player. And all of a sudden I single him out instead of letting it breathe.”

High school football coaches have an opportunity to mold students into better people by the example they set. That includes lessons in how to remain humble whether you win or lose. But it’s also in how to deal with frustration and disappointment.



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